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You Don’t Need an Internet Marketing Degree For a Successful Business

More and more people are starting their own business these days. And it just makes sense to do so with in light of the struggling economy that doesn’t seem to be getting any better anytime soon. But do you have what it takes to be your own boss? Do you know how to market your business on the Internet so that it becomes – and stays – profitable?

The Older You Are, the Less Your Chances of Getting a Job

Take a look at the reasons you should strongly consider starting your own online business right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of earlier this year:

*Almost 60 percent of those who are newly unemployed are aged 35 years or older;

*Almost 40 percent of those who are newly unemployed are aged 45 years or older; and

*As of this spring, there were more unemployed people over the age of 35 than there are those who are under 35. This is a record in U.S. history.

Particularly for the older worker, these statistics don’t bode well.

Will a Small Business Hire You?

Lately we’ve all heard a lot of talk about how small businesses are the key to economic recovery. It’s small business owners who are traditionally held responsible for creating jobs and hiring people. But, according to a recent US Chamber of Commerce survey, small business owners are less confident about their ability to help the nation’s economy:

*90 percent of small business owners think that plans for the American economy will not be effective.

*There are few small business owners who say they are planning to hire more people.

*The percentage of small businesses who say they expect to add workers over the next twelve months is only 17 percent.

In light of these statistics, it’s easy to see that the chances of getting hired by a small business – even if it’s growing – are slim to none.

It’s Time To Start Your Own Business

Chances are starting your own business takes less time, money, and expertise than you might imagine. As Jason Drummond, British entrepreneur, is credited for saying, “Being an entrepreneur is about having the will and determination and not being frightened of getting it wrong.” You really don’t need an Internet marketing degree; you just need a good idea for a niche, a product or service you believe in, and a website.

With the availability of the Internet, you can find all the resources you need online – from vendors who will drop ship products you can resell to software that will manage your internet marketing, accounting, budgeting, and so much more. And the costs are extremely reasonable; since you don’t need physical space to run an e-commerce company, the price for starting a business is within anyone’s budget.

So, remember – you don’t need an Internet marketing degree to become successful selling a product or service online. It just takes passion, fortitude, and the time to make your presence known across the World Wide Web.

Business Software Solutions For Business Challenges

Business efficiency and effectiveness are key determinants on how a business operates and competes in a market space. Many businesses implement systems that assist in the development of efficient workplaces that enhance their entire operations from offices to warehouses and computers to mobile devices. These implemented systems provide greater software opportunities and business insights to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. SAP solutions and services are globally recognised as providing assistance to businesses in regards to solving complex challenges via innovation. SAP solutions and services are implemented by various companies around the world.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP ERP focuses on addressing the primary business software requirements associated with a business’s resource planning in a competitive environment. This software aims to help enterprise level businesses enhance their capabilities to stand out above competition. There are several tools within SAP ERP solutions. These include human capital management – which focuses on maximising the workforce’s potential, financials – which focus on turning finance into a strategic business partner, operations – which focus on freeing up budget and resources to allow for business innovation and corporate services which aim to streamline business costs and the processes implemented.

SAP Service Capabilities SAP covers all facets of the business organisation including customer relationship management, quality management, production planning, sales and distribution and business objectives to name a few. These widely spread areas of the business all add up to provide a business with a competitive edge in the industry. These capabilities are spread over a vast range to ensure that various businesses can have their services tailored specifically to their business requirements.

Industry Based Solutions SAP systems are designed so that they can be manipulated and tailored for local business use to be effective in their specific industry. SAP system assist to provide industry specific advantages. Industries range from automotive to engineering and construction and mining to name a few. Each of these separate industries requires new and different techniques using the SAP system in order to receive the greatest possible gain for the business.

Making SAP Easier SAP Solutions are integrated with Microsoft to enable existing systems to function closer to the user to benefit both the business and its customers. The close working relationship provides businesses with an effective SAP/Microsoft strategy to make business goals more achievable. This enhances a company’s efficiency in the workplace providing them with the competitive advantage needed in their industry.